The Patios are located in private homes and are open to visitors free of charge. Therefore, please behave in accordance with the generosity of these Cordoban men and women who invite the public to visit their homes.

The neighbours are present in the patio, ask them any questions you may have, they will be happy to inform you. Please respect the plants and the grounds you are visiting. Do not disturb the silence of the enclosures, listen to the sound of water and enjoy the smells and colours that exist in each patio.


Do not abuse the photographs and be aware that there are people behind you waiting to enter for the visit, as most of the patios are small and their capacity is limited, so visitors come and go depending on the size of the patio.

The City Council has provided public toilets, information points and health care services in the Patios areas and routes. Their locations are shown on the interactive map.