La Regadora. Square Puerta del Rincón

This sculpture was the first work of the trilogy dedicated to the Patios de Córdoba, at the foot of the tower, it will not go unnoticed. “La Regadora”, the most photographed sculpture and the one with the greatest presence on social networks in Córdoba, was inaugurated at the end of April 2014, just to welcome the May holiday and since then it has been a successful attraction among tourists and passers-by.

The protagonist represents the present of our patios. A large bronze woman, 1.90 meters tall, who with her bucket of water nearby, waters her pots with a cane and a can as is tradition. Concentrated on the task but self-assured and with elegant naturalness, against that whitewashed background and intense blue pots that are so typical, she makes easy a job that requires technique, a lot of care, patience and care.

Dressed in a timeless outfit, with a jasmine bow on the bow, the shoes and earrings reflect a tribute to Cordovan leather goods and jewelry respectively. A daily scene that many people from Cordoba have in their retina and in their memories.

Abuelo y Niño. Square Manuel Garrido Moreno

This has been the second work dedicated to the Patios de Córdoba. It represents the past and the future of a centuries-old tradition. The grandfather who, hardened by age, experience and effort, introduced his daughter to care for the patio, and the child (his grandson) who represents future generations who take over handed down from generation to generation, a deep-rooted cultural manifestation loaded with positive values ​​that remain over time.

It is a sculptural group formed by two bronze sculptures equal to life size. From the wooden ladder, the child extends his hand to pick up and hang the pot on the hook on the wall, thus taking over the baton and the responsibility of maintaining our patios from his grandfather. Both dressed in comfortable and fresh clothes to withstand the torrid afternoons of the Cordoba summer.

El Pozo de las Flores. Square Poeta Juan Bernier

It is the third sculptural group, in our Córdoba, dedicated to the Courtyards of Córdoba and their caretakers.

The protagonists are made in bronze equal to life size. The grandmother in a dress, apron and espadrilles, who appears sitting on a chair, is holding a pot of geraniums on her lap, carrying out the work of transplanting the cuttings and cleaning up the withered leaves. The girl, in a pink dress, holds a flower on her chest, watches and learns from her grandmother how to take care of the patio, both connected in a complicit game of glances. The artist has recognized that it is the one that makes the most sense for him and that he had it clearly visualized from the beginning, pouring his childhood memories into it.

The well, the pergola in the background…. among other elements, they enrich the composition where there is no lack of an empty chair (made of cattail) held by the girl at the disposal of any visitor as a perfect photocall, so that anyone who wants to sit down and thus be part of this sculptural group.




Map of the Three Sculptures

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